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Boat of the Day (3/1/2018) @ $9,000 for 1979 Sunkist Jet Boat

By Navigator | Friday, March 02, 2018 | Comments(0)

Boat of the Day, sunkist
I have an awesome Sunkist Jet boat all the bells and whistles have been done to the boat. It has a freshly rebuilt 468 BBC, Scat Crank balanced to NASCAR Specs, Eagle Rods, Solid Lift Comp cam, 108LS, SS Values, Stub Girdles Roller Rockers, all the reliable Parts. Polished Tunnel Ram with 2 750 Carbs. Fully Polished Berkley Pump that has been blueprinted and has had everything done to it from HTP. 250 Shot NOS Plate System that I have only sprayed ... read blog

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