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Boat of the Day (6/1/2017) @ $44,000 for 1986 42' Chris Craft Catalina

By Navigator | Friday, June 02, 2017 | Comments(0)

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1986 Chris-Craft Catalina 426 "Caribbean Sun" with twin diesel Caterpillar 3208's. Clean title, registered in Florida. Fully serviced.Great cruising boat or live-aboard. I bought her to do the Great Loop from Florida to New York in 2014. Now she is waiting for someone to finish!!! Purchased in Florida in 2014 and I put $60k of upgrades and refurbishments into her. Master stateroom with queen size bed is aft ( rear) with its own bathroom and tub shower!! Real size!! Queen forward stateroom also has its own bath and shower. Spacious galley and dinette table. All appliances for easy living including new large microwave. Salon ( living room) is spacious and clean and sofa turns into another bed! New electronics (some) Auto pilot, GPS, VHF. New reverse cycle Marine Air Conditioning throughout-I spent $5k on a new state of the art system. Brand New dingy davit system (I spent $3k) so you can haul and stow and use your dinghy with ease. Great yacht for the "Loop" or live aboard. Currently lying in Long Island at the Brewer Capri Marina, in Port Washington, on Manhasset Bay. Some personal notes: This is a very easy and SAFE boat to use. TWIN engines plus a generator. All have been serviced and new hoses have been installed throughout!!! One or two people can easily handle this boat- I did and I was alone and not very experienced. She took me 1400 miles up the inter-coastal waterway! A delight. A home on the water and a comfortable one at that! She is a very sturdy and heavy boat and pushes the water away from her bow at 36,000 lbs! Her engines have approx 2800 hrs. Generator approx 3000 ( I need to confirm actual numbers). DON'T PUT OFF THAT DREAM-AS ONE AUTHOR SAID: "GO SOONER, GO SMALLER, JUST GO!!!" Boat is listed on YachtWorld with a local broker, Bill Adams, so I reserve the right to cancel the auction at any time You can either call me at 415 264 6050 or my broker, Bill Adams, if you want more info about this boat. Captain Bill Adams, Yacht and Ship SalesRubicon Yachts http://www.rubiconyachts.com/25 Third Street, San Rafael, CA 949013300 Powell Street, Emeryville, CA 94608P 415-484-1300 Cell 415-425-5099 Further info I AM GETTING A LOT OF QUESTIONS SO I WILL DO MY BEST TO GIVE YOU THE QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS BELOW. SOME PEOPLE ARE NEW TO BOATING AND SOME ARE OLD SALTS. I hope I am not talking down to anyone. 1. Q. What s the boat made out of ? A. Fiberglass( very thick in fact before they started cutting back!)2. Saltwater or Fresh water? A. IT can be used in ANY water but primarily my use was salt water- fresh water almost always refers to a lake boat- this is a coastal cruising boat built for significant water.3. Q.What is the overall condition? A. Mechanically she is in very sound condition and her engines have received an exhaustive( no pun intended) inspection and tubes and hoses and clamps and fluids have all been replaced and carefully maintained. She rides very confidently in the water. The engines hum. Cosmetically ( or what is often referred to as "soft goods" she needs TLC. IMHO new carpets, new drapes, a new bimini (MUST). There are scratches to the gel coat in some places and I had her compounded twice after I purchased her but she still needs to be shined up yearly( or repainted but that is VERY EXPENSIVE). Two air vents are missing- pretty easy to replace with almost any larger air vent- as long as it covers the hole.4.Q Are there any significant issues? A. There is some evidence of moisture near one of the stanchions ( the stainless steel safety tubing that goes around the boat). I would have that particular area repaired. Not a big deal. They cut it out and replace that area and repaint the spot. I have had this done on my other boat that I own. Most of the fiberglass hull structure Etc is in very good shape 5. Q How many miles/ hours are left on the engine ? A. The engines will probably outlive you. Caterpillar 3208's are GREAT engines and can easily go to 10,000 hours or more if properly serviced( change the oil, change the fuel filters,, USE THE BOAT!!!) 6.Why am I selling her?A. I bought her to do The Great Loop with my son ( I took him out of school to home school in the hope he would fall in love withe sea. I have an existing boat her in California but the thought and time and expense of bringing my California boat down and through the Panama canal to get to Florida ( for The Great Loop) was overwhelming. So I went on line and bought her on Ebay ( no survey!) for $40k in Fort Lauderdale and then put $60 k into her to correct for the neglect and bring her up to my expectations of safety and redundancy. I spent three miserable weeks in Fort Pierce while the work was done and more work was done by the delivery captain in Fernandia Beach, FL, before we began to run her 24/7 on the open ocean. I want to make sure that this boat could handle being several hundred miles off the coast . FYI my son will be applying to Annapolis!! 7. Does she have a Generator? A. Yes, depending upon how and where you use a boat you either need or don't need a generator. If you plan to anchor out or stay on a mooring ball ( obviously you need power to run heavy using appliances/stuff like your refrigerator, A/C, and other big users ( generally not lighting) So.... if you go off the grid you need your own source of power ( AC). If you plan on either living aboard at a marina or going from marina to marina you don't need a generator. If there is a WW III you probably want a generator (and maybe a shotgun too). 8. Q Does it have a water maker? A. No 9. Q How many people can comfortably sleep on board? A This is very subjective. When I argued with my ex-wife the boat could only accommodate one person at a time. Under normal ( and civilized conditions) and given that there are two staterooms and two bathrooms I would say two couples and /or a couple and two kids. The sofa pulls out if you need another bed. 10.Q What's new on the boat? A. First and foremost is the new A/C which cost me an arm and a leg ( approx $5-6k) but in hot humid and disgusting weather it is a godsend. You could wake up in the Hot Tropics of either Florida or the Caribbean and you will be cool and dry The Garmin ( which has multiple functions ) is also new- Garmin has charts, depth sounder, places to eat, fuel etc built in The extra large microwave is also new. Most of the hoses in the engine room are new except the fuel lines --they did NOT need to be replaced. The holding tank is new and the plumbing lines are new(disgusting job removing old plumbing lines!!!) The dinghy davit system is new. Hydraulic steering system ( think power steering) is new. 11. Q. Am I flexible on price? A. YES. I am willing to take more. 12. Q How can I compare prices? A Go on Yachtworld - check out Chris Craft Catalina 42', most have sold in the last 3 years for 60 or $70,000I'm at least $10,000 underpriced. 13. Q Do I need a survey? A. I would certainly get a survey and EVERYONE will tell you to GET A SURVEY. I didn't get a survey. I saw the boat and walked around and heard the engines and smelled and smelled and smelled some more looked for this and that and tapped with my hammer and saw stuff I didn't like and saw stuff that impressed me. It's a used boat there are ALWAYS THINGS THAT NEED TO BE FIXED, REPAIRED, UPDATED, CORRECTED, CHANGED, ON A BOAT. EVERY BOAT--- NO MATTER HOW NEW. If you are a boater you know this is an ABSOLUTE FACT. If you belong to a yacht club you also know that 50% of the conversations that take place are about something that had to be replaced and worse-:the mechanic that screwed it up and had the temerity to overcharge you". There are two reasons that people join yacht clubs- one is ego and the other is to commiserate and have a shoulder to cry on and accordingly a good excuse to get drunk "Oh shi%^% can you believe my flufflemuffle broke down again"? "Sorry to hear that Jimbo". 14. Q How fast can she go? A. During extensive engine testing in Fort Pierce and several days she got up to 24 kts. For me that is rocket-ship speed ( FOR A BOAT. Weighing 36000 pounds or approximately the weight of 10 SUVs and a total WASTE OF MONEY. I consistently used her at approx 8 kts because I treated her as if she was a Trawler ( full displacement vessel) and I could not afford a Norhavn and wanted to save money and was no particular rush. This means she can "get up on plane" and some argue that having the capacity to go that fast is smart if the weather starts to change quickly. If you have to run from the weather you didn't listen to your weather report and should have stayed at the marina.If you look at fuel consumption charts on reputable magazines like cruising world, you will quickly see how ridiculously exponential the fuel burn is at even ONE Knot intervals. "8 is great" "Slow is Pro"

Sold at: 6/1/2017 23:21
Sold Price:$44,000
# of Bids:3
Location:Port Jefferson, New York

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