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Boat of the Day (3/31/2018) @ $37,877 for #10364 1980 58.3' Hatteras Motor Yacht (Hurricane Irma)

By Navigator | Sunday, April 01, 2018 | Comments(0)

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USAUCTIONS holdsnoreserveauctionsofboatsandotheritemsstartingat$1 Formoreinformationpleaseseeour page.Fortrailersvisitour READBEFORERETRACTINGBID Ifyouwishtoretractyourbid,clicktosendusanemailstatingyourreasonandwewillcancelyourbidwithineBay’srules.Duetopastabusesofthisprocedure,anyonewhoretractstheirownbidwillbepermanentlyblockedfrombiddingwithus. WEMAY REQUESTYOURCONTACTINFORMATION Aspartofour ongoingeffortstoensurebidsaremadeonlybyserious,bonafidebidders, wefrequentlyrequesteBaycontactinformationonbiddersandmaye-mailor telephonebiddersmakinglargebids.Wereservetherighttocancel bidsfromanypartieswithbade-mailaddressesorphonenumbersorwherewe cannototherwiseverifythebid. Inventory#10364 Location:Miami, FL GeneralDescription:This 1980 58.3' Hatteras Motor Yacht (Hurricane Irma) was damaged during hurricane while in slip. Hull in fair condition with shiny gelcoat. When the vessel hit the piling and healed to port, a kitchen hose came loose and a small amount of water came into bilge. When the boat leveled out, no more water came in. No water entered the cabin area during the storm. This vessel has dock rash in several locations on the port side. The port rubrail is damaged in several locations and the hull to deck joint is damaged from impact and grinding against pilings and a dock. Nothing is structural as can be discovered by a visual inspection. Some deck balsa core is exposed. The topsides has numerous scratches and gouges on the port side. Aft port spray rail was damaged when line came loose during the storm and it hit a piling. Starboard side was away from dock and not accessible for full inspection, but was not reported against dock during storm and where sighted appeared to be in average condition. Good anchor with all chain rode but chain seems small for vessel. Good fire extinguishers to include auto in engine rooms not current but appear serviceable. No evidence of bilge flooding sighted at this inspection. The vessel is clean throughout. Vessel was inspected in the water so underbody could not be inspected. There is about 5 A/C and 1 of the compressor in the engine compartment is not working. The 32 volt fresh water pump got wet and is not working but the AC pump works. It was reported all the original manuals and blueprints for this boat are on board. Not all equipment could be tested as no power to vessel at time of inspection. Other:  AC: Two units appear in good condition, not tested but all components look serviceable, insufficient power to test. Driving stations: Upper and Lower full controls Flybridge with hard top on aluminum riser-small radar array. Morse cables reported replaced last year.  Gauges and controls, appear serviceable, not tested. Rubrail in poor condition. PVC backed SS-Severe damage on port side 2008 14’ Home Crafted Products Skiff and a Tohatsu MFS20C 4-stroke Gas Outboard motor (motor not tested, reported to have less than 100 hrs.). Skiff appears to be a pair of Hobie Cat sailboat hulls with the back 1/3 cut off and glassed together with a homemade hull between, not tested, unknown if serviceable. Swim platform in poor condition. The teak swim platform was damaged by piling on the port aft side during storm. Washdown: fresh water in good condition, demand pump powered up. Water heater appears in good condition, large 110 volt powered Other windows in fair condition. Deckhouse has tempered windshields with plex corner panes. Florida 6% state sales tax will apply for Florida residents.  Storage charges will accrue after the 10 day grace period. Loading fees will apply if no trailer included. Buyer is responsible for loading fees. Boat stands are not included. HullMaterial:Fiberglass Height: Beam:15.10 Displacement:79000 Draft:4.11 Engines:Twin Detroit 8V92TII Diesel Inboard Engines. Engines not reported submerged. Water reported only rose to the bottom of the engine on port side wetting the oil pan while the boat healed during portion of storm. It was reported oil was checked in both engines post storm and no water was found in oil. Engines turn freely. Engines not tested at this inspection as no power but it was reported engines ran prior to hurricane. Everything sighted indicates these are serviceable. Engine rooms are clean-no signs of overheating or excessive leaking. Engines were painted in August of last year. Other Info: Believed to be 8V92TII no tag sighted-Post 1998 this model was equipped with 8V92TII as standard-Engines not powered up-no evidence of high water or any deficiencies-all hoses and belts were in place. They appear to be well maintained and serviceable.  Transmission:Allison Transmission not tested, condition unknown. Generator/Battery:Westerbeke 15.BTDC generator has 1895 hours as indicated and is in hush box. Generator not tested, condition unknown. Batteries: 2 start banks and a house bank located in the generator room. Electronics:Small Garmin sounder, Robertson autopilot head. Furuno Radar-I Com M802 VHF-Standard VHF, compass. Electronics are out dated but appear in fair condition, not tested. Galley:Galley the galley has corian counter top and recent high quality appliances with Samsung Refrigerator(not working), Fagor oven which may be a speed oven/micro combo, 2 burn Fabor induction cooktop. Appliances appear in good condition for age, no appliances tested. Interior with salon, Asian Teak interior is in overall good shape, Master is aft with king berth and private head/shower. Amidships Guest#1 with 2 singles and private head. Amidships Guest#2 with 2 singles. Forward crew cabin with 2 singles and private head. Additional head with full access. Bosch washer/dryer appears serviceable, reported the washer machine is less than a year old and the dryer is about 9 years.  Headliner in good condition, soft vinyl. Upholstery in good condition, good clean with normal wear. Soles are teak/holly laminate, teak or laminate and all appear good except normal wear. The mattresses reported all new and even some of them nobody had slept on them. GroundTackle:Large Ideal Windlass in fair condition, some corrosion on lower portion. Canvas,MastRigging,Sails:There is no canvas. Head:Four electric heads, 3 are private to cabins and one with full access. All clean and appear serviceable. Shipping:Itemsold"whereis".Assistancewithshippingisgenerallyavailable;however,buyerisresponsibleforcostsofpreparingitemforshipmentandchargesforloadingvesselontotrailerortransport. SpecialTransportInfo: TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE Effective 06/20/03 Item sold "as is, where is" This item is sold "as is, where is" without warranty of merchantability,  fitness or other warranty express or implied. Inspection of items, errors in description The winning bidder ("buyer") is allowed an inspection period to  verify that the item substantially complies with the published  description.  A buyer who has inspected an item prior to final bid  shall be deemed to have accepted the condition of the item at the time of  the inspection but may reserve inspection following close of the auction  only as to any changes in the item between the time of the initial  inspection and a subsequent inspection made within the time for voiding  the sale as set forth herein.  The time period for voiding the sale  and giving notice to USauctions of such ends the earlier of the time  buyer ships or otherwise takes possession of the item, 24 hours  following actual inspection of the item or 10 days following close of the  auction.  In the event there is a material difference between the  item and the item description and buyer desires to void the sale, buyer  shall so notify USauctions by email or by fax to (800) 385-8566 prior to the end of the  time period set forth.  A buyer who voids a sale when the item substantially complies with the  published description shall be banned from future bidding with  USauctions in addition to any other  remedies provided for hereunder.  In the event  buyer properly voids the sale in a timely manner as required hereunder,  buyer's sole remedy shall be to receive a refund of the portion of the  purchase price paid.   BUYER SHALL HAVE NO RIGHT TO ANY PRICE ADJUSTMENT SHOULD BUYER ELECT NOT TO VOID THE SALE AS PROVIDED FOR HEREIN.  Neither USauctions nor the owner of the item  shall be liable for any of buyer's costs incidental to the sale including,  but not exclusively, travel, inspection, shipping or repairs.  Any actions undertaken by  USauctions or any item owner to assist buyer with  shipping this item shall not be construed as placing an  obligation upon USauctions or an item owner to ship the item, pay for  shipping  or be responsible for the shipment in any manner  whatsoever. Payment of bid, default Buyer shall be obligated to pay the lesser of 25% of the bid amount or $25,000  not later than the close of business on the third business day following the  close of bidding. Payment instructions will be sent via buyer’s listed e-mail  following the close of the auction. Payment may be made by bank wire, by sending a cashier's check by mail, or by direct deposit of a cashier's check into the USauctions trust account.  NO CASH OR PERSONAL CHECKS ACCEPTED. Payment in full by collected funds is  due no later than 10 days following the close of bidding. Buyer shall be  responsible for payment of all applicable sales taxes, registration fees and  transfer fees. In the event buyer fails to make all or any portion of the  initial deposit or final payment as required hereunder, Buyer shall be in  default and Buyer’s right to purchase shall terminate.  In the event buyer  defaults, Buyer shall be obligated to pay a fee to USauctions equal to 10%  of the bid amount and Buyer shall further be obligated to pay the owner of the  item any shortfall between the bid price and the amount received from an arms  length resale of the item whether sold at a private or public sale.  Buyer  agrees to pay reasonable attorney fees incurred in any action to collect any  sums due from Buyer.  The venue for any action pertaining to the sale of this  item shall be Broward County, Florida and shall be governed by the law of the  State of Florida Removal of items, storage charges, risk of loss Items must be removed not later than 10 days following the close of bidding unless other arrangements are made. It shall be buyer's responsibility to make  arrangements for moving the item or, in the alternative, for making  arrangements to store the item beyond the 10 day grace period. It  shall be buyer's responsibility for making arrangements to load and  transport items. Buyer shall give USauctions notice of intent to pick up  an item in sufficient time to ensure the storage charges are paid. When picking up vessels, Buyer shall make necessary arrangements with the boat yard  where the vessel is located with not less than 24 hours notice before picking up a vessel to ensure the vessel is cleared for transport, any storage liens are paid, any necessary equipment is available and the vessel is not blocked in. Buyer assumes risk of loss of the item as of the earlier of  the time buyer's right to void the sale terminates or  the time buyer acquires insurance on the vessel. In the event Buyer fails to remove items in a timely manner, daily storage fees may be charged at the sales location and/or the items may be removed and stored at buyer's risk and expense. Delivery of title For titled items, delivery of free and clear title shall be the responsibility of the  owner of the item. General processing time of titles is 4 to 6 weeks. In the event the item owner fails to deliver free and clear title to buyer in a timely manner, Buyer shall have the option of voiding the sale or of seeking specific performance directly against the item owner. USauctions shall have no liability to buyer or the item owner for failure to deliver free and clear title to buyer beyond refund of funds collected by USauctions to the parties entitled thereto, upon return of the item in substantially the condition sold. Buyer shall be solely responsible for applying for and taking all actions  necessary to complete registration, titling or documentation as buyer may  desire.

Sold at: 3/31/2018 08:00
Sold Price:$37,877
# of Bids:74
Location:Miami, Florida

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