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Boat of the Day (4/28/2018) @ $31,300 for REGAL COMMODORE model 3260 2001 NO RESERVE LITTLE USE LO

By Navigator | Sunday, April 29, 2018 | Comments(0)

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NO RESERVE AUCTION I am helping the owner to sell his 2001 model 3260 Regal Commodore Cruiser. It was Coast Guard documented at 34' long. It draws 3'6" and weighs 11,000 pounds. It has a full salon, master suite in the bow, mid ship huge sleeping area and fiberglass composite hull. The deck and bridge are nicely appointed for entertaining and the gauges and controls are sharp looking. The engines have roughly 750 hours on them and the helm lifts mechanically to access the motors. The bronze props have a few nicks but are in good shape. The batteries were replaced within the last two years and the boat is ready to run but has not been used since August 2017. We guarantee that after charging the batteries, the boat will function correctly but may have some needed TLC. This is a very nice weekend cruiser. There are a few small chips and scratches in the gelcoat above the water line but an ounce of touch up paint could make it look perfect. The bottom paint is in need of a re-coat but is still in decent shape. The boat needs a good cleaning but includes a custom bimini, a camper top and ensign glass but the ensign glass is older and faded. There's nearly everything you could need, a windlass, a full head, a shower, hot water, TV, onboard Onan generator, trim tabs, in gear start protection, fire suppression system, AC, an ice maker on the top deck (gets cold but owner said was not making ice), fridge in the galley, two burner stove, Magna grill, marine cooler, rod holders and an 8 kilowatt generator. This boat is in average to good condition for its age and with a bit of elbow grease it could be a real stand out. It just has not been used and the well to do owner is getting older and said "time to sell". Rather than fixing every little detail, we've decided to sell it as is where is with the understanding that it works fine but needs a bit of attention. Recent marina serviced work has included replacing the throttle controls, replacing the batteries, replacing the main fuse, servicing the head and tank system and more. Below you will find a survey that was done just before the owner bought the boat in November of 2014 that shows all systems to be in fully functioning condition and to the best of our knowledge, they still are. The velvet drives are in good shape as is the heat exchanger for the closed cooling system but again these are items that need regular service. The generator has about 850 hours on it, the AC was recently serviced, the boat comes with most everything other than up to date flares. There's 100's of feet of anchor line, a couple of shore cables, life jackets for 9, coolers, TV, radio, CD player, auto pilot, VHF radio, chart plotter, depth finder, everything you'd expect to find on a boat that had a new delivery price of over $100,000. If you have questions, please ask via ebay, I will be out of the country until the 26th of April but will answer all questions. The boat is at Key West Harbor Yacht Club on Stock Island but is stored in a rack. With 24 hours notice it can be put on a work rack to get inside. We prefer to sell it as is where is just because no one wants to give up their time to show it, etc. Bid accordingly. We will put the boat in the water for the buyer and warrant that if there's anything that prevents you from starting it up and driving it away, we will fix it. As far as we are aware, only the batteries need charging but boats are boats and it's been on the rack for 9 months and we all know what that means.Here is the summary from the marine survey done in September 2014. There's a list of "deficiencies" that were noted by the survey when the boat was purchased. Some of these things were fixed but some were not. Nothing major existed at the time, see the survey for details. The boat was purchased for $54,900 by the current owner in November of 2014 and has seen little use since. It has been stored indoors in a hurricane rated enclosure on a rack at a cost of $800+ per month. The seller is donated the proceeds of the sale to Habitat for Humanity of the Lower Keys. I am the husband of the development director of Habitat for Humanity and helping in selling the boat. I have owned multiple boats having owned boats continuously for the past 40+ years. This is a great weekend cruiser that just needs a bit of TLC. One weekend could have it in nearly perfect condition for a boat of its age. It is an impressive boat, nice lines, modified V hull and composite construction. Regal makes great boats, not cheap boats, they now guarantee their hulls for life. There is no comparison to a boat like a SeaRay, this is much nicer. I have all the recent receipts for work done that can be emailed to anyone interested but I am in Costa Rica until the 26th so be patient... I will be there for pickup and will assist the purchaser to get it in the water and running. From the surveyor:This Regal yacht exemplifies style and form in a classic cruising hull. Additionally there are many upgrades.This vessel is in Average condition for her age. Equipped with adequate electronics and safety gear for coastal navigation safety, and fun. The upholstery and finishes are clean and good condition. Needs cleaning The interior of this vessel, exterior decks, and hull surfaces are in average condition, the engine compartment and below decks are in good condition, Needs cleaning & organizing This vessel has been serviced and competently maintained, All specification were within normal limits The vessel during sea-trial was easily handled and managed, overall very impressive. The overall appearance is above average, eye catching, well airedINTRODUCTION AND CONDITIONS THE REASON FOR THIS SURVEY WAS TO ASCERTAIN THE PHYSICAL CONDITION AND VALUE OF THE VESSEL FOR PRE-PURCHASE, INSURANCE, AND FINANCE PURPOSES. NO REFERENCE OR INFORMATION SHOULD BE CONSTRUED TO INDICATE ANY OF THE FOLLOWING: EVALUATION OF THE INTERNAL CONDITION OF THE ENGINES AND THE PROPULSION SYSTEMS OPERATING CAPACITY. THE ELECTRONICS EQUIPMENT ARE CHECKED FOR POWER-UP ONLY. THIS YACHT SURVEY REPORT IS ISSUED BY THE UNDERSIGNED WHO HAS EXERCISED REASONABLE CARE IN CONDUCTING A VISUAL INSPECTION OF THE ACCESSIBLE AREAS IN CONNECTION WITH A MARINE SURVEY OF THE SUBJECT VESSEL. ALL DETAILS AND PARTICULARS IN THIS REPORT ARE CONSIDERED TO BE TRUE. ALL JUDGMENT, CONCLUSIONS, AND RECOMMENDATIONS ARE EXPRESSIONS OF OPINION OF THE UNDERSIGNED BASED UPON HIS SKILL, TRAINING, AND EXPERIENCE AFTER A ROUTINE EXAMINATION OF THE VESSEL AND AFTER DISCUSSIONS WITH OWNERS OR OTHERS FAMILIAR WITH THE VESSEL. NO PART OF THIS REPORT IS ISSUED AS AN EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED WARRANTY OF THE VESSEL, OF THE VALUE OF THE VESSEL, OR THE COST OF ANY REPAIRS. THE UNDERSIGNED HAS NOT REMOVED ANY FASTENERS, FIXED STRUCTURES OR EQUIPMENT AND HAS NOT DISASSEMBLED HULL OR MACHINERY FOR INSPECTION OR TESTING. THEREFORE THIS REPORT DOES NOT COVER LATENT DEFECTS NOT READILY DISCOVERED WITH OUT SUCH REMOVAL OR DISASSEMBLY. NO DETERMINATION OF STABILITY CHARACTERISTICS OR INHERENT STRUCTURAL INTEGRITY HAS BEEN MADE AND NO OPINION IS EXPRESSED WITH RESPECT THERETO. THE UNDERSIGNED SHALL HAVE NO LIABILITY FOR PERSONAL INJURY, CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES, PROPERTY LOSS DAMAGES, AND PUNITIVE DAMAGES, ALL OF WHICH SHALL BE DEEMED TO HAVE BEEN KNOWINGLY AND VOLUNTARY WAVED UPON USE OF THIS REPORT. FURTHER, IN NO EVENT SHALL THE LEGAL LIABILITY OF THE UNDERSIGNED FOR THIS REPORT EVER EXCEED THE FEE PAID BY THE REQUESTING PARTY FOR ISSUANCE OF THIS REPORT, REGARDLESS NUMBER OF CLAIMS OR SUITS. NO WARRANTIES THIS SURVEY REPORT REPRESENTS THE CONDITION OF THE VESSEL ON THE DATES OUTLINED IN THIS REPORT. MICHAEL HAGAN, AMS #933 CONDUCT OF SURVEY THE MANDATORY STANDARDS PROMULGATED BY THE UNITED STATES COAST GUARD, UNDER THE AUTHORITY OF TITLE 46 UNITED CODE (USC); TITLE 33 AND TITLE 46, CODE OF FEDERAL REGULATIONS (CFR) AND THE VOLUNTARY STANDARDS AND RECOMMENDED PRACTICES DEVELOPED BY THE AMERICAN BOAT AND YACHT COUNCIL (ABYC), AND THE NATIONAL FIRE PROTECTION ASSOCIATION (NFPA) HAVE BEEN USED AS GUIDELINES IN THE CONDUCT OF THIS SURVEY. NOTES 1. THIS REPORT IS ISSUED FOR THE EXCLUSIVE USE OF THE INDIVIDUAL (S), FINANCIAL INSTITUTION (S) AND/OR INSURANCE COMPANY (IES) AS MAY BE SPECIFICALLY IDENTIFIED (NAMED) UPON THIS SURVEYOR’S REPORT AND MAY CONTAIN INFORMATION THAT IS PRIVILEGED, CONFIDENTIAL AND EXEMPT FROM DISCLOSURE UNDER APPLICABLE LAW. ANY ENTITIES OR PERSONS THAT ARE NOT IDENTIFIED ARE HEREBY ADVISED THAT ANY DISSEMINATION, DISTRIBUTION OR COPYING OF THIS REPORT IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED; NO SUCH ENTITY OR PERSON SHALL HAVE ANY RIGHT TO RELY UPON THE CONTENTS OF THIS SURVEYOR’S REPORT 2. THE SURVEY, WHICH IS THE SUBJECT OF THIS REPORT, WAS CONDUCTED IN ACCORDANCE WITH GENERALLY ACCEPTED MARINE STANDARDS AND CRITERIA UTILIZED IN THE MARINE INDUSTRY. PERSONS OR ENTITIES ENTITLED TO RELY UPON THIS REPORT ARE ADVISED THAT THIS SURVEYOR IS NOT AN ENGINEER NOR DOES HE POSSES ANY SPECIALIZED KNOWLEDGE BEYOND THAT REQUIRED TO CONDUCT A MARINE SURVEY; 3. SURVEYOR SHALL HAVE NO LIABILITY FOR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES, NO LIABILITY FOR PERSONAL INJURY, DAMAGES, NO LIABILITY FOR PROPERTY LOSS DAMAGES, NO LIABILITY FOR PUNITIVE DAMAGES, ALL OF WHICH SHALL BE DEEMED TO HAVE BEEN KNOWINGLY AND VOLUNTARILY WAIVED UPON USE OF THIS SURVEY REPORT; 4. IN NO EVENT SHALL THE LEGAL LIABILITY OF THE UNDER SIGNED EXCEED THE FEE PAID FOR THIS SURVEY REPORT, REGARDLESS OF CLAIMS OR SUITS AND REGARDLESS OF WEATHER UNDER THEORY OF TORT, CONTRACT, PRODUCTS LIABILITY, ADMIRALTY, OR OTHERWISE. 5. IN THE EVENT THAT THIS SURVEYOR IS CALLED UPON, AFTER RENDERING A MARINE SURVEY REPORT, TO EXPLAIN, MODIFY OR SUPPLEMENT THE REPORT, OR ITS CONTENTS, OR SHOULD THE SURVEYOR BE CALLED UPON TO RENDER EXPERT ADVISE, TESTIMONY OR TO PROVIDE SURVEY EXPERTISE IN ANY DISPUTE IN LITIGATION (OR NOT), THE SURVEYOR WILL BE COMPENSATED BY THE OWNER /INSURED IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE FEES CUSTOMARILY CHARGED IN THE SURVEYING INDUSTRY. 6. TANKS ARE A VITAL PART OF THE SURVEY. HOWEVER ACCESS TO VISUALLY SEE THEM OR TOUCH THEM MAY IT DIFFICULT TO DETERMINE THE CONDITION. THEREFORE NO WARRANTY OR LIABILITY IS IMPLIED. 7. PICTURES ARE PART OF THIS REPORT AND USED AS IDENTIFYING DEFICIENCIES. ALSO DURING THE INSPECTION DISCUSSIONS ARE USED IN THIS REPORT. ALL IS PART OF THIS REPORT. SCOPE OF SURVEYS ACTING AT THE REQUEST OF Owner Name withheld THE ATTENDING SURVEYOR CONDUCTED A CONDITION & VALUE MARINE SURVEY OF THE 2001 32’REGAL, 3260 COMMODORE, SHE IS MOORED IN THE WATER AT MANDARIN HOLIDAY MARINA. MANDARIN FLORIDA. N. 30’07.958 W. 081’37.854 THIS INSPECTION WAS CONDUCTED ON SEPTEMBER 23, 2014 THE HULL IDENTIFICATION NUMBER: RGMVB147C101 VERIFIED FROM THE STARBOARD TRANSOM AND SHIP’S PARTICULARS ABOARD THE VESSEL, ALL IN ORDER. USCG DOCUMENTATION: 1123724 EXPIRE:1/31/2015 IS PROPERLY DISPLAYED ON THE VESSEL. THE DOCUMENTATION NUMBER IS PERMANENTLY POSTED UNDER THE ENGINE HATCH, “THE VESSEL WAS INSPECTED IN AND OUT OF THE WATER”, A SEA TRIAL WAS PERFORMED. THE MAIN ENGINE WAS TESTED BY SEATRIAL, VISUAL, & TEMPERATURE READING. APPEARS ALL IS NORMAL. SEE ATTACHED PHOTO. THE REASON FOR THE SURVEY WAS TO ASCERTAIN THE PHYSICAL CONDITION AND VALUE OF THE VESSEL. AC AND DC POWER SOURCES WERE USED TO CHECK OPERATION OF THE ELECTRICAL SYSTEMS SPECIFIED IN THIS REPORT ONLY. NO REFERENCE OR INFORMATION SHOULD BE CONSTRUED TO INDICATE ANY OF THE FOLLOWING. 1. EVALUATION OF THE INTERNAL CONDITION OF THE ENGINES AND THE PROPULSION SYSTEMS OPERATING CAPACITY OF THE VESSEL’S PROPULSION SYSTEMS. 2. ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT CHECKED FOR POWER–UP ONLY AND WAS NOT FIELD OR BENCH TESTED UNLESS SPECIFICALLY STATED OTHERWISE IN THIS REPORT, THIS SURVEYOR VISUALLY INSPECTED THIS VESSEL WITHOUT REMOVAL OF ANY FASTENERS, FIXED OR SEMI-FIXED STRUCTURES OR EQUIPMENT, AND HAS NOT DISSEMBLED ANY HULL STRUCTURES, ELECTRONICS, INSTRUMENTS, OR MACHINERY FOR INSPECTION OR TESTING. THEREFORE, DUE TO THIS VISUAL INSPECTION THIS SURVEY REPORT DOES NOT COVER LATENT DEFECTS NOT READILY DISCOVERED WITHOUT SUCH REMOVALS & DISASSEMBLIES. FURTHER, NO DETERMINATION OF STABILITY CHARACTERISTICS OR INHERENT STRUCTURAL INTEGRITY HAS BEEN MADE AND NO OPINION IS EXPRESSED WITH RESPECT THERETO. THIS SURVEY REPORT REPRESENTS THE CONDITION OF THE VESSEL ON THE ABOVE DATE, AND IS THE UNBIASED OPINION OF THE UNDERSIGNED, BUT IT IS NOT TO BE CONSIDERED AN INVENTORY OR A WARRANTY EITHER SPECIFIED OR IMPLIED. STATEMENT OF VALUATION 2001 32’ REGAL, 3260 COMMODORE HIN: RGMVB147C101 NAME: ELIZA JOY SURVEY DATE: 9/23/2014 LOCATION: MANDARIN, FL. USCG DOCUMENTATION: “1123724” EXPIRES: 1/31/2015 REQUESTED BY: JOHN KILPATRICK 425.785.7516 The "FAIR MARKET VALUE" is the most probable price in terms of money which a vessel should bring in a competitive and open market under all conditions requisite to a fair sale, the buyer and seller, each acting prudently, knowledgeably and assuming the price is not affected by undue stimulus. Implicit in this definition are the consummation of a sale as of a specified date and the passing of title from seller to buyer under conditions whereby Buyer and seller are typically motivated. Both parties are well informed or well advised, and each acting in what they consider their own best interest. A reasonable time is allowed for exposure in the open market. Payment is made in terms of cash in U.S. dollars or in terms of financial arrangements comparable thereto; and The price represents a normal consideration for the vessel sold unaffected by special or creative financing or sales concessions granted by anyone associated with the sale. After consideration of the reliability of the data, the extent of the necessary adjustments and condition of the vessel, 1. It is your surveyor's opinion that the "FAIR MARKET VALUE" of the subject vessel is: $54,900.00 FIFTY FOUR THOUSAND, NINE HUNDRED - US Dollars 2. The "ESTIMATED REPLACEMENT COST" indicates the retail cost of a new vessel of the same make/model with similar equipment offered by the same manufacturer. $118,000.00 ONE HUNDRED EIGHTEEN THOUSAND - US Dollars APPRAISAL METHODOLOGY AS THE VESSEL IS A CLASSIC CRUISING VESSEL, WELL EQUIPPED FOR SAFE BOATING ABOS, BUC, POWER BOAT GUIDE, AND COMPARABLES (YACHTWORLD ) WAS USED AS A BASE TO ESTABLISH FAIR MARKET VALUE. STATEMENT OF OVERALL VESSEL RATING OF CONDITION 2001 32’ REGAL, 3260 COMMODORE HIN: RGMVB147C101 NAME: ELIZA JOY SURVEY DATE: 9/23/2014 LOCATION: MANDARIN, FL. USCG DOCUMENTATION: “1123724” EXPIRES: 1/31/2015 REQUESTED BY: JOHN KILPATRICK 425.785.7516 The grading of condition, developed by BUC RESEARCH, and accepted in the marine industry, for a vessel at the time of survey, determines the adjustment to the range of base values in the BUC USED BOAT PRICE GUIDE, for a similar vessel sold within a given time period, as a consideration to determine the Market Value. The following is the accepted marine grading system of condition: "EXCELLENT (BRISTOL) CONDITION", is a vessel that is maintained in mint or Bristol fashion- usually better than factory new – loaded with extras a rarity. "ABOVE AVERAGE CONDITION", has had above average care and is equipped with extra electrical, electronic, and mechanical gear "AVERAGE CONDITION", has had average care and is ready for sale requiring nominal work for sale preparation and normally equipped for her size and intended use. "FAIR CONDITION", requires usual maintenance to prepare for sale. "POOR CONDITION" substantial yard work required and devoid of extras. "RESTORABLE CONDITION", enough of hull and engine exists to restore the boat to usable condition. As a result of my investigation, as shown in the FINDINGS AND RECOMMENDATIONS section of this REPORT OF SURVEY, and by virtue of my experience, my opinion is: OVERALL VESSEL RATING: “AVERAGE CONDITION THROUGHOUT” GENERAL INFORMATION & PARTICULARS FILE NUMBER: 492014MH SURVEY PREPARED FOR: owner name withheld DATE OF SURVEY: SEPTEMBER 23, 2014 NAME OF VESSEL: “ELIZA JOY” TYPE OF SURVEY: PRE PURCHASE, OBTAIN CONDITION, VALUE, AND INSURANCE OVERALL VESSEL RATING: “AVERAGE CONDITION THROUGHOUT” ESTIMATED MARKET VALUE: $ 54,900.00 FIFTY FOUR THOUSAND, NINE HUNDRED - US Dollars ESTIMATED REPLACEMENT VALUE: $118,000.00 ONE HUNDRED EIGHTEEN THOUSAND - US Dollars YEAR/MAKE/MODEL OF VESSEL: 2001 32’ REGAL, 3260 COMMODORE BUILDER: REGAL MARINE INDUSTRIES, ORLANDO, FLORIDA WWW.REGALBOATS.COM USCG DOCUMENTATION:”1123724”, EXP: 1/31/2015, LENGTH: 34.7, BREADTH: 11.2, DEPTH: 5.4, GRT: 14, NRT: 11, RECREATIONAL HULL ID. NUMBER: “RGMVB147C101” VESSEL CAPACITY: 8 PERSONS, 2400 LB PERSON & GEAR HOME PORT: FRUIT COVE, FLORIDA PRESENT OWNER: JAMES MERRILL COLE HULL MATERIAL: STITCHED 2415 BIAXIAL FIBER REINFORCED WITH VINYLESTER PLASTIC RESINS, FRP FIBERGLASS ENCAPSULATED WOOD & AIREX CELL CORING, & STRUCTURE AKUME PLYWOOD, SOLID WET AREA CRUISE SPEED: 20-22 KNOTS, 28-30 KNOTS TOP SPEED @ 4,400 RPM CLEARANCE: 10’ 2” HIGHEST POINT TO WATERLINE, WITH ANTENNAS DOWN DRY WEIGHT: 11,800 LBS. HULL DESIGN: MODIFIED VEE 19 DEGREE DEADRISE AFT LENGTH OVERALL: 32’ 0” LWL: 26’ 9” BEAM: 11’2” DRAFT: MINIMUM 3’2” MAIN ENGINE: MERCRUISER , 5.7, 350 MAGNUM, VEE 8 CYLINDER, INBOARD VEE DRIVE, 300 HP @ 4000 RPM FUEL CAPACITY: 172GAL. FRESH WATER: 50 GAL. WASTE: SEALAND VAC-U-FLUSH; 20 GAL DOUBLE STATEROOMS, CONVERTIBLE DINETTE FWD. SINGLE HEAD, FUNCTIONAL AFT COCKPIT WITH BIMINI WITH FULL ENCLOSURE, BLUE HULL WITH BLACK ANTI-FOULING ABLATIVE PAINT, WHITE SHEER LINE TRIM, ADJUSTABLE HELM SEAT WITH AFT SETTEE & DINNING TABLE ON COCKPIT, CHERRY BLONDE WOOD INTERIOR TRIM, TRUNK CABIN ATTACHMENT, INTEGRATED SWIMPLATFORM, INTEGRATED PULPIT W/ ELECTRIC WINDLASS, SINGLE ANCHOR DAVIT. STRUCTURAL BULKHEADS: ATHWARTSHIPS REINFORCEMENT ENHANCED BY LAMINATED AKUME WOOD/FIBERGLASS BULKHEADS, BONDED TO THE HULL WITH FIBERGLASS TABBING, BULKHEADS TABBING AND TAPING APPEARS FULLY IN CONTIGUOUS, APPEAR WATER TIGHT. NO UNWANTED MOVEMENT OR DECAY. MEET STANDARDS WHERE VISIBLE. KEEP LIMBERS CLEAR STRINGERS: HULL STIFFNESS AUGMENTED BY HEAVY FIBERGLASS ENCASED WOODEN LONGITUDINAL STRINGERS, SCANTLING’S ALIGNMENT APPEARS CORRECT FOR THE GIVEN APPLICATION, NO EVIDENCE OF UNWANTED ENGINE MOVEMENT NO DECAY OR DELAMINATION NOTED, CONTINUITY OF FIBERGLASS TAPING APPEARS TO BE FULLY INTACT. MOISTURE READING WAS TAKEN WHERE EASILY REACHED, NORMAL. DECKS: MOLDED FIBERGLASS WITH NON-SKID OVERLAY SURFACE, NO EVIDENCE OF SPONGINESS, STRUCTURAL COMPROMISE, OR DELAMINATION, MOISTURE READINGS AND SOUNDINGS WERE TAKEN ON FOREDECK AND COCKPIT GUNWALES LOWER AREAS, APPEARS NORMAL, OVERALL GOOD CONDITION KEEL: AN ENCASED SOLID BALLAST TYPE FIBERGLASS KEEL EXTENDS APPROX. 18” DOWNWARD ABAFT OF MID-SHIPS CENTERLINE, AND TAPPERS FORWARD, FAIRS INTO FOREFOOT, NO SIGNS OF STRUCTURAL COMPROMISE AROUND GARBOARD AREAS. CLEAN TRANSOM: RAKED AND ROUNDED, WOOD/FIBERGLASS, WITH NO SIGNS DELAMINATION AROUND COCKPIT SOLE OR GUNWALES. MOLDED SCUPPERS, THROUGH BOLTED INTEGRATED FIBERGLASS SWIMPLATFORM, STAINLESS SUPPORT BRACKETS, PASS THROUGH GATE, STORAGE LOCKER, FENDER RACK, SHOWER, SHORE POWER CONNECTIONS, GOOD CONDITION FITTINGS: VARIOUS CHROME ON BRASS, BRONZE ALLOY, STAINLESS STEEL, ALL APPEAR ADEQUATE. FASTENINGS: HULL TO DECK HAS OVERLAPPING FLANGE CONSTRUCTION WITH 1/4” STAINLESS MACHINE FASTENERS ON APPROX. 6” CENTERS, SHOE BOX CONSTRUCTION, AND TABBED, VISIBLY BEDDED IN MARINE GRADE ELASTOMERIC COMPOUND, NO OVERT EVIDENCE OF STRUCTURAL COMPROMISE, TORSION DAMAGE, OR SEPARATION, COVERED WITH RUBBER RUBRAILS W/ STAINLESS STRIKER PLATES, SOME DOCKING DAMAGE ON RAILS, NORMAL ENGINE BEDS: FIBERGLASS LAMINATE (WOVEN ROVING) ON WOODEN FORMED STRINGERS, APPEAR ADEQUATE, STEEL/RUBBER REINFORCED ENGINE BED MOUNTS, STEEL FRAME CRADLES SUPPORT ENGINES. NO SIGNS OF UNWANTED MOVEMENT. ATTACHED STRUCTURE: CUSTOM BIMINI TOPS OVER BRIDGE AREAS WITH STAINLESS FRAMES, FULLY ENCLOSED CAMPER PACKAGE, W/ MOORING COVER. CUSTOM INTEGRATED FIBERGLASS SWIM PLATFORM THRU-BOLTED INTO TRANSOM FIBERGLASS PULPIT THRU-BOLTED INTEGRATED


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