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1962 Alcort Super Sailfish Sailboat - Fiberglass, Complete

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Home | Archive | 3/22/2018 | 1962 Alcort Super Sailfish Sailboat - Fiberglass, Compl

1962 Alcort Super Sailfish Sailboat - Fiberglass, Complete

End Time:3/22/2018 13:34
Sold Price:$500
Listing Format:Chinese
Location:Friendsville, Maryland (21531)
For Sale By:Private Seller


Year:1962Fuel Type:
Make:AlcortEngine Make:
Model:Super Sailfish MK IIEngine Model:
Length:13.8Engine Type:
Beam:3.6Fuel Capacity:
Condition:Boat Type:Day Sailer


DETAILS ON THIS PARTICULAR BOAT. Happy to store boat until you can pick it up in western Maryland. I am willing to deliver to Pittsburgh $75.00 or Washington DC area. $150.00. Free Delivery to Deep Creek Lake or other nearby lakes. Call for a delivery quote. Free rigging instruction included if I deliver. No need to search for the elusive rudder pin with keeper chain. This boat has the original brass pin with the brass keeper chain! If you want your kids to learn to sail and start messing around in a sailboat THIS IS THE BOAT! At 98lbs it can be easily carried and even car topped! It is 100% original. It has all parts and is ready to sail today. Dagger board in excellent shape, and rudder in great shape (rudder could use a tad bit of varnish). The original Sailfish Sail that comes with this boat has no tears or rips or dry rotting, stitching 100% fine. All grommets, and outhaul points are 100% fine and tack (where bottom corner meets boom and mast) of the sail is A-OK. There may be just a few sunfaded parts but this sail is excellent for almost 60 years! ALL STICHING IS GOOD AND NO TEARING AT THE STRESS POINTS AT ALL. It has been stored inside most of it's life and the hull is solid, has no cracks or holes, is not delaminating and is 100% watertight. Polishing compound and boat restorer and this boat would look show!!! Do some sanding and gel coat the hull and you have a new boat. But...what makes this boat cool is it's vintage feel. IT'S ORIGINAL. The teak rails do need a coat of varnish but that is standard for any wood boat and the rails come off easily. I coated them when I got the boat 10 years ago and sailed the heck out of it. But it needs to be re-done. The minor ding in the right rear corner needs a dab of epoxy putty and the nose could use a little care, BUT THESE MINOR DINGS ARE NOT CRACKS, HOLES, OR STRUCTURALLY INVOLVED. These are very minor dings THAT DO NOT COMPROMISE THE FIBERGLASS or seam. The hull has no dents or cracks and apparently has not been sailed off a beach much since scratches on the hull are minimal. Bottom has no bad gouges at all. It's in GREAT SHAPE!!!! Boat, rigging, lines, halyard and hardware are in great shape and this boat has years of sailing life left....maybe another 50! Truly one of the classic sailboats for learning and still fun after all these years. THIS IS THE SUPER SAILFISH MK-II, CIRCA 1962. You will get more fun out of sailing this boat the first day than you paid for it. Complete and ready to sail. It's a very fun wet and wild sailboat. The lateen sail along with its simple two line rigging makes the Sailfish one of the easiest boats ever to learn fundamentals of sailing on. It is a fun and surprisingly powerful ride and it's no biggie if you fall off. The sailboat turns head to wind buy itself and you just climb back aboard. In windy conditions it brings sailing back to the basics of fun and excitement. Sailing this girl is sailing at it's most basic, and if you think there is no power just go out in 10-15 knots and take off on a broad reach and watch and feel this planing hull take off. At higher gusty winds it's more fun than a barrel of monkeys and just the thing to get kids - teens, or adults hooked on sailing. It's the kind of craft you don't have to worry too much about crashing and it is perhaps the easiest sailboat to rig there is. Capsize and all you have to do is push down on the centerboard and it rights in a jiffy. Easy to sail off the beach! The rudder design kicks up automatically and this mechanism works perfectly. Rudder, lines, sheets, hayards, mast with both end caps, booms with caps, and dagger board. THIS IS 100% COMPLETE.


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