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1958 Spaulding F. Dunbar, MARWAL I, 45' Mahogany Classic Yacht, Cutter Rig

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1958 Spaulding F. Dunbar, MARWAL I, 45' Mahogany Classic Yacht, Cutter Rig

End Time:9/7/2014 17:56
Sold Price:$5,000
Listing Format:Chinese
Location:Sandusky, Ohio (44870)
For Sale By:Private Seller


Year:1958Fuel Type:Diesel
Make:Spaulding F. DunbarEngine Make:64 hp Ford Lehman / Peugeot XDP 90 Rebuilt.
Model:Marwal IEngine Model:
Length:45.0Engine Type:Single Inboard/Outboard
Beam:12.0Fuel Capacity:
Condition:Boat Type:Cruiser


1958 classic wooden east coast yacht for sale that everyone loves and turns around to look at when you arrive in port or mooring. This boat is a classic and has been written up in magazines and newspapers and unfortunately I just don't have the time to keep it up any longer. It's a classic Kennedy era boat with a lot of history. What you are looking at is a great work in progress that will require your attention to detail. If you don't know anything about wooden boats or expect a new boat - please go and buy a new one. You need to know what you are looking at or bidding for!!!! The boat is currently located in the water at it's dock at Battery Park Marina in Sandusky Ohio on Lake Erie. I purchased this magnificent yacht in Norfolk, VA and had it trucked to Ohio and did extensive repairs to the boat. It was in the water when I bought it and it has been in the water actively sailed every year since I purchased it in 2006. At least 14 new white oak frames in aft end of boat, all new vbirth interior bunks as well as completely new cabin top roof and completely rebuilt engine. The vbirth has two individual bunks that are comfy but can be made into one large bed. All foam bedding is about 6 years old. Some frames had been sistered a long time ago and have never shown any issues, so don't fix what ain't broken!!! The boat does seep and opens up somewhat when sailing. It has 1 pump that keeps up with the seepage and leakage and one extra pump that never kicks in. No hogging or sagging that i can tell. It's a 50+ year old boat and its a charm and a classic that everyone wants to own! The known history of the boat is as follows: Commissioned by real estate business owner Wallace Marden in 1958. Designed by the world renowned naval architect Spaulding F Dunbar of Chatham Mass. The boat was built by Westhaven Ltd, in Zaandam, Netherlands, basically a close suburb of Amsterdam. Unfortunately, the yard does not exist any longer. The boat was then put on a freighter to be delivered to New York City. However, they messed up and it was delivered to Miami and sailed up the East Coast to Cape Cod by the original owner and his crew. I guess they sighted so many whales that's why it was christened "Marwal I" (for Marjorie and Wallace). He and his wife owned the boat for quite a few years before it was sold and another bigger one was commissioned and designed by Spaulding Dunbar; thus resulting in the Marwal II. I have all the plans for the boat obtained from the son of the naval architect. The plans called for a 35' boat but it ended up to be 40' on deck. After that I don't know much about the owners but suspect that it was sitting on the hard for some time before somebody rediscovered the boat and did extensive repairs before me. It must have been owned by another European from the Greece or Cyprus area as I found some foreign currency under the mast foot. I believe these earlier repairs were done in the 1990's. When I bought it it needed a whole new cabin top roof and extensive other repairs. I have spent countless hours on this boat but don't have the time any longer to do it. So, it is time to pass my love on to somebody else that is eager to take her on. The boat has 8 cabin port holes that open up and let air in. It has two cabin roof hatches that let more air in. If you use a windscoop in the lightest of wind conditions on the front hatch it's like air conditioning below. The cockpit seating area is huge and long enough to sleep on. The boat sleeps 4-5 comfortably. The interior cabin roof height is close to 7 feet high if not higher as the original owner was quite tall. The boat is steered with a destroyer wheel in the cockpit. You can either sit behind the wheel, sit side to it or steer it behind your back -- which is actually real fun and easy to do. * The boat weighs about 12 tons at the beginning of each season. * all new cabin roof 7 years ago, side of cabin needs a 4 inch wide piece of mahogany scarfed in as it has a rot hole in that location, nothing to worry about. * Carvel planked solid mahogany boat 7/8th plank thickness with silicon bronze fasteners. thousands have been replaced by me alone. some fiberglass patching aft end that was there when i bought it and replaced a couple of times. * 40 feet on deck with all solid teak decking, portside just recaulked. 5' bowsprit with classic silicon bronze roller furling genoa and for an anchor that I never hooked there. 35 foot @ water line, top speed about 7 knts. * cutter rig sailplan with 20 foot main boom about 45' mast and self tacking working jib with 2 reef points. main sail fair condition with two reefing points, genoa sail is also in fair condition. I have sailed the boat on these sails for the last 8 years and it worked fine. If you want to win all the races go buy a new sailboat! * The boat was designed for a center board keel and I bought it with a steel plenum over the center board trunk with a simulated 1/2 down centerboard. sails fine and draws about 5.8 feet. * I still have the original centerboard but it needs completely rebuilt. I think the center board trunk is a little warped that made it impossible for the board to go up all the way. There is only 1/8th" of clearance between the board and trunk. * The 20+gallon fresh water tank is copper. * The 20+gallon holding tank is new and plastic. * New toilet in the head works fine but needs fresh water supply hooked up. Less than 1 year old. * LPG gas stove with 3 burners, I never ran the oven so I don't know if it works, but it's great for storage. * Fresh cold water with electric pump from copper fresh water tank under starboard main salon bunk to sink in galley. * Huge ice chest that holds plenty of ice and food for cruising life. * Fixed VHF radio with new cabling and antenna on top of mast, depth gauge works great! * Anchor light somehow burned out in middle of this season, makes no sense since I bought one of the new led ones. maybe just a bad connection at bottom of mast. don't know. * it's also known as sailvangogh.com and click on the original pic from 1959? there to see more The boat originally had a Mercedes engine but it was long gone when I bought it. Today, the engine is a REBUILT (less than 100hrs) 1977/8/ 64 hp 2l Ford Lehman diesel motor which really is a Peugeot delivery van motor XDP 90 built by Indenieur for Peugeot in France and marinized by Lehman. They are known to last forever and you see many of them still running around in North Africa 40 some years later. I rebuilt the entire motor and it has less than 100 hours on the rebuild, all new bearings, new sleeves and pistons, rebuilt injectors and injector pump, rebuilt waterpump, etc... dual fuel filter system, stainless diesel tank about 40 gallons. Motor runs excellent, has never failed to start. oil pressure is at 38-40 which is to new motor specs. Closed fresh water cooling system that runs at about 170-180 degrees, never overheated. The boat has a 19 inch by 11 michigan 3 blade prop that I purchased. It could be tweaked by one more pitch but it works fine the way it is now. It cruises about 5 knts. The boat is heavy but sails great. It handles like a heavy yacht and plows through chop easily. I personally think the sailplan for this boat is way too big and you need to start reefing when it starts capping or you start healing more than your unsecured china likes it below. The boat has 6,000 lbs of lead ballast according to the architect's plans and that's worth about $2500 alone. This boat needs work as all of them do. I am describing all defects as well as I know. This boat does not come with guarantees or promises other than to be fun. I have had a lot of fun on this boat and would continue to do so, but I live more than 2 hours away and I just don't have the time to keep it going. So, I am selling it now before it gets away. It is currently in the water but will be pulled in 2 weeks from posting and put onto the hard for the winter. I have another sailboat and don't need 2+. $1000 non refundable deposit with 24 hours of end of auction to be paid via Paypal. Remaining balance to be paid within 3 days of end of auction either via PayPal or certified check from a bank that I approve of. No personal checks, nigerian scams etc. Deadbeats will be reported to ebay. If you have very few positive feedback you need to be approved by me before you can bid. This boat is also for sale locally and can be purchased locally while the auction is ongoing. I retain all rights to end auction or deny selling to anyone at any time for any reason. The new owner is responsible for transportation or dockage fees. I am very willing to help you with the boat. I can show you everything you need to know about the boat but you are responsible for all transportation fees and dockage fees once this auction has ended. The boat was coast guard documented till last year and I have a clear State of Ohio title for it. Just to remind you what you see is what you get and you cannot return this boat or expect a refund. I have explained everything to the best of my knowledge and offer this boat "as is" and "where is" without any warranty as to the condition of the boat or any of its equipment.


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